07 Jun

Veteran of the Hudson executive board and the industry as a whole, John Greiner has announced the founding of a new studio, MonkeyPaw games. Built with the intent to bring “real Japanese games” to Western markets, believing that there is “a sizable market for games that feed into the fascination with Japanese gaming and culture.”

“It is my passion for gaming that’s inspired me to start MonkeyPaw Games. More specifically, my passion for Japanese games…REAL Japanese games,” said Greiner. “The kind of game that never made it to Western shores, mainly because they were deemed too culturally different.”

“Well, times have changed. And it’s our differences that actually bring us closer together. Japan is a mecca of gaming lore and a crypt for many of the best games that MonkeyPaw is going to resurrect. Companies tend to underestimate the fervor that fans possess toward cultural idiosyncratic art, especially in overseas game markets. MonkeyPaw will finally give these games a chance to shine.”