14 Jul

Expect this to be the model soon selling out at a store near you!

The speculation that what we all saw at E3 was not the final design for Nintendo’s glasses-less new handheld has been laid to rest. In a recent interview with Wired, Producer Hideki Konno confirmed the E3 design as the final version we will see at retail.

“We have been doing these experiments for a very long time, starting from the NES era. We also tried with the Virtual Boy,” he said. “And even for GameCube, with the development of Luigi’s Mansion, we were thinking of developing a 3-D version of it. However, at that time it was very difficult to realize it as an actual product on the market, because of the resolution of the screen and the separate costs of the console and screen…it’s not that we created the slide pad because the system supports 3-D. I have been developing console games for a very long time, and I think analog control is necessary. Not only myself, but also Mr. Miyamoto was insisting that our next handheld have analog control.”

He continued, speaking on making 3D graphics for larger screens,“We could do it, but besides the cost issue, consumers would have to be in one very specific position to watch the TV or the 3-D will be completely gone. With the handheld, there is only one position.”