07 Jul

This year, the Bit Gen Gamer Fest, a music festival featuring bands and artists that have been inspired by videogames, will be held in for the fifth time in Baltimore, MD. Though previous installments of the festival all carried namesĀ referringĀ to specific generations in video game history, and the current version of the event should therefore be known as the 128-bit Gen Gamer Fest, the organization behind the event has announced that it will cease to name the specific events in such a manner and will settle on the name of Bit Gen Gamer Fest for all future episodes.

Besides the hard rock band known as Entertainment System, whose members organize the entire event, eleven other acts will be shown on-stage, including The OneUps, pop rockers The Megas, and techno-metal band Powerglove. DJ Cutman will also be present to play both classical game themes and danceable tracks, accompanied by MC Brent Black, a comedian / musician who gained internet-fame by making modern arrangements of classic themes.

The event will be held on Saturday the 14th of August at Sonar in Baltimore, MD. Tickets are available at $18. For more information, keep an eye out for the Bit Gen Gamer Fest website, which can be found here.