23 Jul

When you’re a company invested as heavily in cloud gaming tech as Dave Perry’s Gaikai, few media partnerships matter more than Intel. The company pushing the tech to soon rival OnLive declared the support it has received from the major computer company as well as the delivery acceleration manufacturers at Limelight Networks. In part due to this partnership, Gaikai will be launching on six-core Intel processors and ran through key nodes on the Limelight Network (via Solid State Drives also from Intel.) Gaikai is set to launch later this summer.

“Intel’s mind-blowingly fast CPUs have had a profound effect on our business model, allowing us to stream more games simultaneously while offering users a premium experience. Having Intel Capital buy into our vision as much as we buy into their processors makes this a great deal for both companies,” said David Perry, CEO of Gaikai Inc.“Partnering with Limelight to leverage their globally distributed, high-performance platform will help ensure that the fidelity of our cloud-based gaming service is as graphically rich and responsive as a traditional console experience.”

“Innovations in both content delivery technologies and the supporting data center architectures are transforming the future of gaming by enabling the distribution of leading edge games on a wide variety of connected devices to internet users worldwide,” said Lisa Lambert, Vice-President of Intel Capital. “Gaikai’s innovative interactive content network positions the company as a leading provider in the emerging area of cloud-based gaming and we look forward to working with Gaikai to provide new data center capabilities to support their technologies.”

“We believe Gaikai is well-positioned to help innovative game publishers capitalize on recent advancements in cloud computing to drive more rapid game adoption across an expanding universe of game-capable devices. The hyper-connected gamer will now have even more opportunities to enjoy their favorite pastime. Limelight Networks is pleased to be serving as a key strategic enablement partner that is helping Gaikai build their business and capitalize on this substantial market opportunity,” added Jeff Lunsford, CEO of Limelight Networks, Inc.