14 Jul

Always willing to lend fellow developers a compliment or two, the fellows at the recently multi-platform Insomniac had some pretty extreme things to say about Shinji Mikami’s upcoming shooter Vanquish. Unofficially being declared the employees’ Game of the Show at last month’s E3, the comments are just one part of the company’s full E3 reaction blog. Hopefully its these kinds of brotherly comments that begin to make their way to the backs of retail boxes in the future.

“It’s a brilliant technical showpiece from the creator of the original Resident Evil and the director of Resident Evil 4 – my favorite game of all time,” wrote Insomniac Community Specialist Paul Featherstone. “It plays like Gears of War on crack and looks absolutely gorgeous. Platinum is knocking it out of the park after Bayonetta – hopefully we will see more frequent high-quality releases from them in the next few years.”

“First, I had no idea it even existed. Second, it looked awesome. Third, the demo was a lot of fun – action-packed and full of spectacle. Plus, it’s in the sci-fi shooter genre, which is something that I’m always into,” added Tools Programmer Giac Veltri.

One thought on “Insomniac: Vanquish is Gears of War on Crack”

  1. I love Clover studios (aka Platinum Games), but their games are totally hit or miss with me. Even with that, I own all of their games except for Bayonnetta.

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