21 Jul

You know you remember him....

The most devisive tech demo in recent memory, Peter Molyneux’s “Project Milo” has been an intriguing, if odd, use of Microsoft’s Kinect motion control technology since its E3 2009 debut. With its invisibility at this year’s show spouting off multiple rumors about its life as a possible game, Molyneux has at least re-confirmed his love for Milo with a presentation at this year’s TED Global Technology Event in Oxford, England.

The “ten times more amazing” demo displayed many new features of the project, including a focus on moral choices (like the assistant insisting the still naive Milo to kill a snail). The digital character also showcased its emotional reaction spectrum, including blushing, and performed a variety of tasks for the crowd with the help of the assistant, such as cleaning his room and learning to skip stones. Well interesting, no concrete details have been released concerning the project’s ultimate fate.

3 thoughts on “Molyneux Shows off New Milo Demo”

  1. It is still probably very controlled, probably with a man behind the scenes controlling the different animations and lines.

  2. lol killing a snail is a moral decision?

    I guess it IS true, Microsoft really DOESN’T know the meaning of ‘morality’.

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