22 Jul

New Fable III screens were released today from Lionhead!

Fable III will be available this holiday season in both a standard and a limited collector’s editions for Xbox 360.  The Windows version will only appear in a standard edition.It will also be available for download exclusively on Games on Demand on Games for Windows.

2 thoughts on “New Fable III Screens for PC, 360”

  1. I really wish they did a CE for PC. I wonder if PC players are less likely to buy them than console players.

    Also, it’s an outright shame that you can only get it through games for windows. I really wish they provided it through Steam, Direct2Drive, Gamersgate, etc.

  2. Fable 3 is goning to be my most game on 360 and i would like to see lots of wepons, clothing, etc. I give it 10/10

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