26 Jul

A solid sub-plot of the first Mass Effect, the Shadow Broker was disappointingly downgraded to a single character’s job motivation in the disc content of Mass Effect 2. But with bigger fish to fry in the upcoming sequel, Bioware looks to be putting some DLC focus on the most infamous information-dealer in the galaxy. “The Lair of the Shadow Broker,” will have all our Shepards reuniting in combat with the dedicated Broker-eradicator Liara T’Soni (and maybe re-igniting the love affair from one of our previous saves…maybe?), with all signs pointing to an explosive end for the shadowed figure(s). Only a “coming soon” release date and some scant screenshots have been released, so find what we have on the DLC so far after the jump.

3 thoughts on “New ME2 DLC to Finally Take on the Shadow Broker”

  1. I feel kind of bad. I love this game, but I haven’t bought any of the DLC for it yet. This one in particular looks pretty awesome though.

    1. The mystery surrounding the Shadow Broker has always been great. I don’t know if I’m psyched or disappointed that gamers will be able to directly confront him!

      1. We don’t know if the confrontation will be direct contact with the Broker at all, most likely with one of their proxies. My script for the DLC would have you visit key places in the Citadel cut off since ME 1, like the chambers of the Consort and the embassies of the non-human races. Maybe check in with Chorban (if you helped him collect all the keeper data). Just an opportunity to bring back a bit more of the original into the mix before the 3 in the series brings Shepard to retirement.

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