24 Jul

Even if a company could perfectly capture 3D visuals in a cost-effective manner, that still leaves the fact that playing games with technology for hours on end could be torture for many vision types, not to mention those incapable of viewing most types of 3D in general. With the 3DS already compensating with a hardware slider on the device, allowing users to manipulate the 3D depth all the way back down to 2D, Sony may be looking into a similar system for its our 3D titles.

Sanzaru Games, makers of the upcoming Sly Collection, have been experimenting with a slider mapped to the left analog stick, which would work just as well as the DS slider if the analog stick wasn’t being used in game. This hardware addition would minimize most causes for health issues, but also open up possibilities for manipulating your television’s “sweet spot,” customizing the depth to your television’s placement in coordination with the rest of your room. While no games have confirmed the feature, Sony is deep in R&D with the possibility, perhaps leading to – at least – a firmware update containing the slider coming sometime in the future.

One thought on “PS3 Titles May Get 3DS-Style Slider”

  1. Yeah, Sony is going to have to incorporate some kind of slider functionality in either all hardware (the TVs) or in the software. There is a definite sweet spot, and it seems to be different for everyone.

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