29 Jul

One of the longest running (over 10 years) and largest fan communities in the games industry was MundoRare. Despite its longevity and its avid support for the developer that shares part of its namesake, the administrators of the website said that they would be shutting down all activity following repeated rebukes from the developer. Rare has repeatedly denied the MundoRare from pursuing its activities, most notably an independent documentary that the community wanted to shoot of the developer.

“Despite its ambitious scope, we felt it was an irresistible offer,” explains the site. “In fact, we are still puzzled over their response. It was a risk-free operation to be carried away with all legal safety measures deemed necessary and full of good intentions. It simply makes no sense. It has changed our perception of Rare forever and leaves us with no other option but to end our support for them.”

2 thoughts on “Rare Fan Community Rebuked, Shuts Down”

  1. Well if there’s one good thing about Rare’s glory days being behind the, it’s that we can still play the games from those days. Quite a fall from grace.

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