09 Jul

Following the release of the first free package of downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar has provided details concerning four additional episodes of DLC that will be made available in the coming months.

The first pack, which will be known as the “Legends and Killers Pack” will be made available early August 2010 at a price of $10 on Playstation Network or 800 Microsoft points for the Xbox 360. In addition to nine new multiplayer map locations, eight player models reflecting characters from Red Dead Revolver will be added. A new projectile weapon, the Tomahawk, will also be added for use in single and multiplayer modes, with corresponding challenges, trophies and achievements.

The “Liars and Cheats Pack”, set for release at a currently unspecified date at a price similar to the “Legends and Killers Pack”, will add new competitive multiplayer modes such as ‘Attack and Defend’ and new mounted races combined with armed combat. Furthermore, the Liar’s Dice and poker minigames that are found within the single player aspect of the game will also be made available for multiplayer games, and players will gain access to an additional eight new multiplayer costumes. A new weapon, known as the ‘Explosive Rifle’, will also be included in the “Liars and Cheats Pack”, along with associated challenges.

The third package of DLC is known as the “Free Roam Pack” and¬†predictably¬†focuses on improving the free roaming aspect of the game. The pack will add new hideouts, challenges and introduce posse scoring and leaderboards, alongside new action areas and defensive placements. A price level or release window for this DLC package was not indicated by Rockstar.

The final piece of downloadable content that is currently being planned by Rockstar will be known as the “Undead Nightmare Pack”, and will be released at a currently unspecified date at a price equal to that of the “Legends and Killers” and “Liars and Cheats” packs. This pack will add new wildlife to the world of New Austin and also include a new single player storyline that features zombies and other undead enemies. Eight zombie multiplayer models will also be included with this package.

Rockstar has indicated that it will reveal more information regarding each of these packages as they come closer to release.