26 Jul

The deets have come in on the not-so-based-on-the-upcoming-film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and what you can get from pre-ordering the retro bad boy. Scheduled for an August 10th release on the Playstation Network for $10, those that order beforehand will get a “Sex Bob-omb” t-shirt for your Home avatar. No word if a comparative offer will be made for its August 25th release (Avatar outfits?), but expect that cost a similar 800 Microsoft Points.

One thought on “Scott Pilgrim Release Date, Pre-Order Details”

  1. The movie doesn’t look that great, the game looks awesome (being directed by Paull Robertson of Kings of Power 4 Billion% fame), $10 is the right price, and the pre-order would be cooler if they gave you an actual Teeshirt!

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