26 Jul

The deets have come in on the not-so-based-on-the-upcoming-film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and what you can get from pre-ordering the retro bad boy. Scheduled for an August 10th release on the Playstation Network for $10, those that order beforehand will get a “Sex Bob-omb” t-shirt for your Home avatar. No word if […]

22 Jul

Ah, Playstation Home, what can be said about that already hasn’t been said in forums across the internet? Well, apparently that social gaming is coming to the platform courtesy of Codename. The common sense addition was announced by Sony Computer Entertainment earlier this week, and will bring Home-styled versions of both new and established licenses […]

05 Apr

The living room of 2014 will be an HD-lead market of media convergence, according to Sony Computer Entertainment representatives. At MI6, Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing and the Playstation Network of SCEA, gave a conference curiously titled “Redefining the Digital Living Room.” A key motif of this media junket was describing how portable […]