09 Apr

During the MI6 video game marketing conference in San Francisco, EA Sports President Peter Moore outlined a new plan for in-game profiles. Realized through cloud data, the company head described player data saved across the publisher’s titles, not reliant on any particular platform. The idea doesn’t seem limited to EA Sports either, with the open-ended […]

07 Apr

The MI6 conference was held in San Francisco this past Thursday, and in addition to a Sony conference on “Redefining the Digital Living Room,” the event rounded out with an awards ceremony for the best achievements in marketing. Assassin’s Creed II lead the pack with seven total wins, including “Outstanding Overall Integrated Marketing Campaign” award. […]

05 Apr

The living room of 2014 will be an HD-lead market of media convergence, according to Sony Computer Entertainment representatives. At MI6, Peter Dille, Senior Vice President of Marketing and the Playstation Network of SCEA, gave a conference curiously titled “Redefining the Digital Living Room.” A key motif of this media junket was describing how portable […]