09 Apr

During the MI6 video game marketing conference in San Francisco, EA Sports President Peter Moore outlined a new plan for in-game profiles. Realized through cloud data, the company head described player data saved across the publisher’s titles, not reliant on any particular platform. The idea doesn’t seem limited to EA Sports either, with the open-ended speech leaving the possibility for a successful implementation to carry over into EA’s other catalogs.

“Today we’re looking at a seamless experience across all our franchises.” Peter Moore detailed, “Regardless of where you are, what platform you have, what game you’re playing, that you’re constantly connected…We recognize [players] — that’s the persistence — and their presence there gets its achievements and carries them from iteration to iteration.”

Moore continued, “It’s no longer ‘buy Madden 11 and then buy Madden 12 and start from scratch,’ it is ‘take everything that you’ve done and migrate it and move it along…It’s not far away. It’s certainly within [our] grasp…this is how we envision the future of our industry, and this is how we at EA Sports individualize and personalize this as the future of our brand and ultimately the future of what Electronic Arts as a whole is going to do across all of its titles.”

Persistent play profiles perk your interest, E-Gs? Or is cloud data something that should be reserved for Gaikai and Onlive? Let us know below!

One thought on “EA Sports Wants “Persistent Profiles””

  1. I like that you can log in on any platform and play from there and you will get the achievements and stuff from that.

    I don’t think they will go the Ubisoft route and make you have to stay connected to the internet at all times to even play your game, just online.

    This is similar to some games on Steam like Torchlight where the game stores the data on the cloud and you can log into another computer and pick up from there and play, then move off to another one. The test coming up will be with Portal 2 on PC and PS3, cause you should be able to play on either platform cause of cloud support.

    They aren’t going as far as Onlive, but they are doing something similar to Valve.

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