29 Jul

After having worked for LucasArts for more than 13 years, executive producer and writer Haden Blackman has announced today that he is resigning from his position at the developer. Blackman was known for having written the storyline behind several Star Wars-based classics such as Star Wars: Force Commander, the MMORPG Star Wars: Galaxies, as well asĀ 2008’s Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its upcoming sequel. During his career, Blackman had also been involved in co-authoring and publishing several comics and graphic novels based on the Star Wars universe.

It is unclear what caused Blackman to resign from his position. In an interview with IGN, he indicated that he “had a fantastic time working with the team at Lucasfilm” and that “the decision to leave LucasArts did not happen overnight or come easily […].” Blackman did not indicate whether he intends to remain active in the gaming industry.

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