21 Aug

Two anticipated sequels have been given release dates. The Kojima-branded Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will launch on October 5th in the United States for both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 (both the regular and collector’s edition); the game will launch in the EU on October 7th, and the UK on October 8th. The series re-boot follows the quest of Gabriel Belmont to acquire the potentially world-saving God Mask, slicing and whipping his way through hordes of enemies straight from the dark ether.

Also gaining a solid launch date is Activision’s DJ Hero 2, which will start spinning mix-tables coming October 19th in the States, and October 22nd in Europe. Featuring DJ Qbert, DJ Shadow, Deadmau5, and dozens of other artists across techno, rock, and hip hop, the game hopes to get a better head start in sales than its prequel by adding a deeper story campaign (dubbed “Empire” mode) and co-operative play across microphones, mix tables, and guitars.

One thought on “Castlevania, DJ Hero 2 Announce Release Dates”

  1. I came really close to buying the first DJ Hero. It was $35 at Bestbuy, but my PS3 is broken right now, so I wasn’t going to buy a peripheral game for a broken system.

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