25 Aug

With the release of Dragon Age 2 set for a release in March 2011, BioWare has announced that it will release the final piece of downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins on September 7th. BioWare indicates that this content will serve as the conclusion of the Dragon Age: Origins storyline.

The dlc-package will be known as “Witch Hunt” and continues the story of Morrigan, a major character from the original game. Almost a full year after the events from the original game, Morrigan returns to Ferelden and apparently becomes involved in the theft of an important Dalish artifact. BioWare indicates that players will be able to confront Morrigan in an attempt to get answers from her, take revenge, or reunite with a lost love.

The content will be made available on September 7th for PC, Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 at a price of 560 Microsoft points or $6.99 on Playstation Network. A set of screenshots of the upcoming DLC is included after the jump.

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