28 Aug

With the black-lash against its required eye-wear almost as strong a deterrent as its price, electronics companies have found it difficult to market the current model of 3D TVs to the public. In an approach similar to Nintendo’s 3DS, in fact using the exact same technology on a larger surface, Toshiba has responded to this problem by developing the first line of 3D TVs to not require any sort of glasses. Set for a pre-Christmas release in Japan, the line consists of three models, each projecting light in a wide spectrum (a “light field display”), allowing multiple users enjoy the stereoscopic effect from multiple angles without eyewear.

On a more technical level, the technology uses what is referred to as a “multi-parallax” method of display, and helps achieve the 3D effect over a 30 degree viewing angle. This is also rumored to reduce eye stress and shift the 3D image depending on viewer position.

4 thoughts on “Glasses-Less 3D HDTV Line Coming from Toshiba”

  1. They were showing off a 70″ 3D TV at e3… its pretty cool, but you still have to find that right area to sit in to make it work.

    For me, I’m not willing to pay that much to feel a bit uncomfortable while I watch.

    1. I totally agree with you, bud. But this is at least good news. The TV industry clearly knows people kiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda want 3D, but no one wants to wear those stupid glasses in their living rooms.

    1. I saw a Toshiba one back behind the Konami booth. It was kinda hidden, but it worked pretty well. It had 8 viewing angles, and you had to position yourself in one of them for the effect to work.

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