08 Aug

In yet another corporate downsizing, The Conduit-dev High Voltage Software has announced that 25 staff members have been let go as part of a downsizing brought on by re-assessment of production requirements. A representative for the company spoke in detail on the lay-offs to IGN.

“I can confirm that High Voltage Software has reduced some of our staffing based on our current production requirements and predictions of what is needed for the remainder of 2010,” said the HVS spokesperson,”We are sad to have to say goodbye to these employees and friends, but these changes are necessary to bring our organization to a healthy operational size.”

One thought on “High Voltage Fires 25”

  1. Always sucks to hear when people are fired :-(. I actually met a designer from HVS at E3. Great guy. Hope he still has his job. There’s an “joke” one could make about what’s happened and the name of the company, but I’ll keep that in my head.

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