07 Aug

No stranger to hyperbole, developer-auteur Tomonobu Itagaki always has a trailer-worthy quote on hand for any project he’s working on. With the upcoming third-person shooter Devil’s Third, Itagaki seems to have reached a high point in his praise. Speaking to Edge magazine, the designer informed the readership that, among other things, his new collaborative game with THQ is “the best ever.”

“For Devil’s Third, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. We’ve got support from THQ’s testing team, and we’re going to work really closely with those guys to balance out the game. It’s going to be the best game ever.” Itagaki mused.

2 thoughts on “Itagaki: Devil’s Third is the Best Game Ever”

  1. I generally don’t like Itagaki… he praises his games almost as much as Peter Moleneaux, and then they tend to be worse (the only game I enjoyed was Ninja Gaiden Black).

    I am taking this statement with a giant grain of salt. Instead, Mikami’s Vanquish is taking all of my anticipation!

  2. Well it might be his best game ever, but I am not sure about the whole industry. The premise of Devil’s Third is basically WET on Steroids.

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