17 Aug

With Metroid Other M this month and more than a handful of games on their way in the coming months, Nintendo is looking to hit the market hard with new installments in some of their non-Mario franchises. The E3 darling Kirby’s Epic Yarn will release for the Nintendo Wii on October 17th, while the aptly named Donkey Kong Country Returns will make its debut on November 21st. Over  a dozen other titles also received shelf dates across both of the Big N’s platforms, so follow the jump for the full list.


New Carnival Games: September 21
Samurai Warriors 3: September 27
Wii Party: October 3
NBA Jam: October 5
Just Dance 2: October 12
Kirby’s Epic Yarn: October 17
PokePark Wii — Pikachu’s Adventure: November 1
FlingSmash: November 7
Sonic Colors: November 16
Donkey Kong Country Returns: November 21


Professor Layton and the Unwound Future: September 12
Pokemon Ranger — Guardian Signs: October 4
Final Fantasy the Four Heroes of Light: October 5
Art Academy: October 25
Rock Band 3: October 29
Mario vs. Donkey Kong – Mini-Land Mayhem: November 14

One thought on “Kirby, Donkey Kong Country Release Dates”

  1. The only games I am interested in are Kirby, Donkey Kong, Sonic, Prof. Layton, and am interested in how the FF game will do. Maybe NBA Jam, but not really into basket ball (even if it is arcady).

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