17 Aug

With fans practically begging Sony for a PSP phone, it may come to little surprise that the electronic company’s biggest rival was flirting with the technology. In the early 2000s, according to a source within a Pocket Gamer report, Nintendo had been engaged at its Kyoto HQ with phone manufacturer Nokia. The two companies had been working on a prototype phone with Game Boy functionality, allowing for classic gameplay directly alongside basic cell phone features. The project was eventually scraped, with Nokia going on to produce the N-Gage and Nintendo the DS.

“You have to remember Nintendo is a very conservative company,” the report read. “It always has various R&D projects on the go, but most of them are eventually rejected. It’s just how it operates.”

One thought on “Nintendo Considered Game Boy Phone”

  1. So that’s why the N-Gage exists, hmm seems to be a pattern. First Sony, now Nokia, what company is next.

    Oh, and Sony is going to have an Android 3.0 Gaming phone that looks like a PSPGo.

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