08 Aug

Dangan-Ronpa is many things: an action-adventure game set against Japanese Pop Art, a murder mystery set to reinvent 2.5D graphics, and the latest release to emphasis the weirdness of high school in Japan. The still regional title (roughly translating to “Winning an argument with a bullet”) is set for release November 25th in Japan, with west coast release and title still pending. Dangan-Ronpa will take players through a super-elite Japanese high school that has been locked down and put under very unusual rules.

According to the info released so far, said elite school has restricted its graduation rights to murderers, and with only 15 students trapped within the school grounds (and the main character choosing to figure out murders instead of commit them), things are set to get pretty hectic. The game as a whole has been described as a combination of “Battle Royale” and Phoenix Wright, with a bit of a Persona 4 look thrown in for flavor. Expect more info on the game and its localization as it comes through the wire.