26 Aug

While its time in the console spotlight was short, the Sega Dreamcast’s longevity has been anything but. While among the most beloved of the cult consoles, its fandom isn’t the only thing that has kept the Dreamcast alive. Independent developers have been making new games for the consoles up until this year, a full decade after the consoles original launch, one such company being Redspotgames.

The designers have been making small games with a couple thousands copies in circulation, and says that they will continue to do so in the future. Redspotgames are the makers of Rush Rally Racing and Last Hope, and have recently branched out into digital distribution platforms like WiiWare and Xbox Live to buff out business.

“We have seen some stuff on the PC, and we [are] talking to to the companies to see if they will agree to release on the Dreamcast,” Redspotgames marketing and sales director Adrian Loudero told Joystiq at Gamescom this week. “We also have plans for 2011, maybe a new release, but this is really all I can say right now.”

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  1. The dreamcast was a pile of crap…..there I said it…..what. Only game worth your time was Sonic Adventure and crazy taxi for five minutes.

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