04 Aug

Besides a MMORPG set in the Torchlight universe, which the developer announced several months ago, Runic Games has announced that it is currently working on a sequel to 2009’s fantasy RPG Torchlight. This sequel will allow players to explore new dungeons together with friends and will also feature a more expansive world above-ground. Torchlight 2 is scheduled for a release in Spring 2011.

Runic has indicated that players will be able to customize their character and their animal companion extensively. Four different character classes will be available, which is one more than the previous installment. Besides the regular story-related dungeons, players will also be able to venture into randomly generated dungeons for additional experience and loot. Unlike the original Torchlight, where all action took place in dungeons, Runic Games promised that the sequel would include randomized overworld areas that feature day-and-night cycles, random events, and weather effects. An update version of the TorchED world editor will also be included with the game, allowing users to create their own mods or content for the game.

A unique feature that is being added to the game concerns the ability to ‘retire’ characters that have attained a specific level. Doing so will bestow additional bonuses to newly created characters.

Runic Games has indicated that the game will be available for digital download at an unspecified date during the Spring 2011 season. It is currently unclear if there will be a connection between Torchlight 2 and the previously announced Torchlight MMORPG.

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