27 Sep

When Realtime Worlds shut down the All Points Bulletin server last week after a measly 2 months and 17 days of active service, many users were outraged over the fact that they were unable to recover the funds they had invested in the game. Now, EA is offering compensation to users who purchased the game via Steam. By contacting EA through the Customer Support form, users will be allowed to pick a single game from the current EA Store catalogue.

Users who purchased a physical copy of the game are not eligible for this type of compensation, and are suggested to attempt to obtain a refund through their retailer. Those who wish to contact EA and request compensation can do so through this site.

One thought on “Electronic Arts Compensating APB Customers”

  1. One of the biggest bombs in MMO history. Shame too because the character creation is probably the best ever in an MMO, maybe even single player games too. The premise was also neat in theory.

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