07 Sep

After about a million years of speculation, mock ups, and lists dedicated to what the PSP 2 needs to succeed, we may finally have some real life evidence of a PSP2….or not. Speculation suggests that Sony may be dropping the PSP name all together in favor of a new device called the “PlayView.” The device is rumored to also be an E-Reader, video player, gaming console, as well as running Google Android Software Froyo 2.2 – Honeycomb. No word yet on if this also functions as a phone, but assuming it is running Android software, one can only assume. In addition there are some rumors that a launch title for the advice may be God of War: Atlantis Burden, but this seems to be mere speculation at this point. Only time will tell, and with TGS just around the corner we can only wait and see.

E-G’s what do you think?

4 thoughts on “PSP2 may be called “Playview”?”

  1. I am more waiting on Sony’s Android 3.0 Phone that plays games and look just like a PSPgo; as that would be better than the device described, and much better then the one shown (unless it is just a tablet that can play games, big difference).

    I want a gaming device first and then it can be a video and music player and an e-reader last. Gaming devices should always have buttons, and whatever incarnation the PSP2 takes, it really needs a second analog nub and have them raise it a bit, or make it wider and follow Nintendo with the Slider pad on the 3DS.

  2. Not sure about all of you, but I simply can’t get into touchscreen button controls for my gaming needs. The thing currently looks like a iPad and is a bit big to fit within a pocket, etc. That said, e-reading, games, phone calls, etc. That fills a lot of needs.

    1. I also really can’t get into touch only controls. Heck I have a hard enough time with my DS screen and with my laptop touch pad when I use it for gaming (laptop touchpads really are not meant for gaming, and it is interesting to try).

      1. I concur. I don’t care how many good games there supposedly are on the iPod Touch, I can’t abide the controls.

        While I don’t think the PSP was a flawed system (except for UMD movies) I can understand how such improvements might make its successor more successful.

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