09 Sep

Cloud-streaming gaming platform OnLive announced that it will begin the beta phase of its Wi-Fi services this month. Currently, ethernet internet connections are the only means of accessing the service, a move made at launch in order to give time for troubleshooting other methods with still being able to release a base structure.

“Since wireless connections are subject to interference and drop-outs, when users are connected to OnLive through wireless, it adds another layer of network issues that are hard for us to separate out from internet issues,” OnLive COO Mike McGarvey said, “We’re continuing to add new features and enhance the service, as well as expand the list of top new-release games.”

In addition the beta, OnLive and partner AT&T are extending the “Founding Members Program,” which allows new adopters to sign up for a free year and be offered the option of a second year at a reduced price of $5/month. While originally ending on July 15th, the program has been extended till the end of the calendar year.