23 Sep

A project that has been in constant flux since its debut at E3 2009, Microsoft’s one-time tech demo, one-time full game Project Milo has been reportedly canned. As a result of this shut down, 19 contractors have been laid off, and the rest of the staff reassigned to other Fable projects, one of which is rumored to be a “Fable-themed Kinect title.”

One thought on “Rumor: Project Milo Disbanded, Fable Kinect Game Coming”

  1. Well this is a disappointment that it isn’t coming to fruition. I am not saying it was going to be good, but it would have been interesting to see what they did with Milo. Now with them putting the tech to just Fable III (the 360 version as I have not heard that the PC can use Kinect), they are dropping the potential numbers of people that could have experienced this.

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