14 Sep

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One of the persistent rumors of the past few months has been a HD collection similar to one Sony released for God of War, this time with Team ICO’s back catalog. With The Last Guardian poised to make its Tokyo Game Show appearance later this month, Wal-Mart has apparently taken the rumors one step further. The world’s largest retailer has listed a “Team ICO Collection” of sorts for pre-order, including both Shadow of the Colossus and ICO remastered in HD, with a supposed release date of April 1, 2011. With initially appearing as an April Fool’s joke, the date is also the first day of the 2011 fiscal year. Either way, Sony has issued its traditional response of not commenting on rumors or speculation when contacted by Elder-Geek.

4 thoughts on “Walmart Lists HD Team ICO Collection”

  1. Well we will just have to see what happens this weekend at TGS. I expect a confirmation as well as The Last Guardian release date and some trailers for both.

  2. And I’m calling this–there have been rumors of HD footage being screened behind closed doors of both Ico and SotC, and seeing as this is a guaranteed money maker and little more than the equivalent of the DVD double-dip, I see no reason why Sony wouldn’t do this.

    Also, fuck Walmart.

    1. Well seeing as how both games are critically acclaimed and they both have a cult following, it is a shoe-in. Also both games didn’t have a lot of copies made so it is rare to find Ico especially (SotC had the Greatest Hits re-release, so it is easier to find for a decent price). We only have to wait a day or two to see if the rumors are true.

      And these leaks from Walmart need to stop, it is annoying, as well as other retailers. I want to hear my release information from the companies and be shocked (sort of in this case) and not be mildly shocked (PSPgo anyone?).

  3. Oh, apparently Famitsu says it is legit, and both games will be releasing separately in Japan. Well we will find out definitely tomorrow what the status of a release date is, as well as The Last Guardian.

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