TheLastGuardian 13 Jun

Shuhei Yoshida, head of SCE Worldwide Studios, responded to recent reports that claimed Team Ico’s The Last Guardian had been cancelled in an interview with Polygon. “It exists. The team is working hard on it,” Yoshida said. “I was heartbroken when some article came out on some major site saying it was canceled.” “When we […]

last-guardian 06 Jun

Sony and Team ICO’s The Last Guardian has missed yet another E3, leading many to believe the absence as the latest misstep in a troubled development cycle. Speaking with Giant Bomb earlier today, Playstation Worldwide Development Head Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the game’s continued existence, claiming its continued aloofness to it simply being not the opportune […]

ShadowoftheColossus Banner 26 May reports that Josh Trank, the director of ‘Chronicle’ and the upcoming adaptations of the Spiderman’s ‘Venom” and a new ‘Fantastic Four” film, will also be directing a film based on Team Ico’s Shadow of the Colossus. It was not announced when the film can be expected to hit theatres. More details are included after […]