08 Oct

Following the acquisition of the investor behind CD Projekt, CDP Investments, by the Polish PC company Optimus, co-founders Michal Kicinski, CEO, and Marcin Iwinski, the business development director, have resigned from their respective management positions within the organization.

Kicinski and Iwinski founded CD Projekt in 1994 and were mainly concerned with localizing and publishing videogames in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2002, they opened their own development studio, CD Projekt RED, which created The Witcher. A CD Projekt spokesperson indicated that while Kicinksi and Iwinksi may have resigned from their managerial positions, they have not left the organization and are merely taking an extended leave in order to regain their energy and avoid burning out. It is unclear who has assumed their previous positions, or when the co-founders will return and what position they will assume when they do.

CD Projekt has indicated that this will not affect the organization as  a whole, or affect the development of current projects.

One thought on “CD Projekt Co-Founders Resign”

  1. This has me troubled about the prospects of The Witcher 2. It still has a way to go, and instability within a dev studio isn’t really a good thing. Hopefully it really is just a “break,” thing, but I don’t see why they’d need to resign to have short one.

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