05 Oct

Though the game has not yet received an official release date, Gearbox Software has announced that consumers who purchase the “Game of the Year” edition of Borderlands will receive a key that grants them access to the “Duke Nukem First Access Club.” Besides providing users with a wealth of currently unspecified goodies, membership will grant gamers access the demo for Duke Nukem Forever.

It is unclear when the demo will be made available, though Gearbox indicated that it will launch somewhere before the release of the full game, which is scheduled somewhere in 2011.

The Borderlands Game of the Year edition contains the original game as well as the four separate pieces of downloadable content that were released over the last year. This edition will be available at retailers on October 12th, and is available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

One thought on “Duke Nukem Forever Demo Key Included With Borderlands GOTY Edition”

  1. Man I wish it came with the fourth DLC for Borderlands. I already have the game so there is no need for me to rebuy the game, and I have two of the four DLC already. I just want to try out Duke some time. I also hope that Gearbox allows you to hold all of your weapons instead of just two, as Duke Games are known for letting you unleash your full arsenal at any time.

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