13 Oct

As the film version of Uncharted slowly crawls out of development limbo, already we have a fan favorite actor campaigning for the lead role. Nathan Fillion, of Firefly and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog fame, has begun a Twitter campaign for him to be cast as treasure-hunter Nathan Drake. As unofficial as campaigns come, supporters can still vouch for Fillion by following him on Twitter and voicing their support via response messages.

2 thoughts on “Nathan Fillion Twittering for Uncharted Film Lead”

  1. We want Nathan Fillion to be cast as Nathan Drake! Yes! NATHAN FILLION is the BEST choice to play Nathan Drake! He’s got action hero written all over him, with the biceps to prove it. He’s extremely handsome, bright, clever, sexy, hot, young and devilishly funny. And he wants this role as much as we want it for him!

    It’s his turn to be the next powerful leading man on the big screen. We Browncoats and Castillions are determined to get him up where he belongs, and keep him there. He has single-handedly transformed the term “geek” into “sexgod.” He’s an up-and-coming A-list movie star with muscle and heat and he’s a-comin’ to take over feature films! I feel it! Grab him while you can for the Uncharted franchise. Because he’ll also make the best Indiana Jones when they re-boot those movies!!

    In his campaign to be Nathan Drake, we Browncoats and Castillions rise up and firmly support our Captain Nathan Fillion!

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