25 Oct

This weekend, Hi-Rez Studios, the developer behind the shooter/MMO-hybrid Global Agenda, released a statement indicating that it has acquired the rights to the Tribes franchise and promptly announced that a new installment in this classic franchise is currently in development at their studio. The previous installment in the Tribes series, Tribes: Vengeance, was developed by Irrational Games and released in 2004.

The new title, which is currently known as Tribes Universe, is expected to enter Alpha stage somewhere early 2011. High-level Global Agenda players will be eligible for both Alpha and Beta testing opportunities. Though little information is available at this time, Hi-Rez promises multiplayer matches of more than one hundred players, persistent multiplayer maps, and a wide array of ground and air-based vehicles.

One thought on “New Tribes Title in Development”

  1. Well that is awesome. As long as it stays to its shooter roots then the game will be fine. 50 vs 50 Tribes matches would be so fun, as it would be super hectic.

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