11 Oct

David Perry, creator of the cloud streaming games service Gaikai, recently spoke on the tech to VG247 while at the Game Developers Conference Online Games Summit. While a more publisher-centric model of cloud streaming, allowing direct marketing of available titles through a straight publisher-to-consumer model, many inevitable place Gaikai as the sole rival to the E3-launched OnLive. The service is now fully complete, and expected to launch this December in time for the Holiday season.

“We said we’d be done by the end of September, and we are. We’re feature complete. You see it running from Dallas. That’s the experience that people are gonna have. So the problem is we have not had the mass market real gamers come and play this. We’ve had publishers playing, but we haven’t had real gamers,” Perry said.

“The minute that announcement comes out of who we’re gonna partner with, we’ll start sending out invites immediately. And we’re gonna do that for 60 days. So we are 60 days from the start of those invites to launch,” he continued. “So that’s means, at some point in December – probably mid-December – we will be live. There will be no ‘you’re in a beta.’ It’ll just be ‘go ahead and play.’”