07 Oct

The latest in a long line of milestones for the Rock Band franchise, MTV Games and Harmoix have announced that the last track pack released for the Music Store will put the total amount of available tunes passed 2,000. Rock Band has now surpassed all other music-rhythm games available combined in terms of content, offering over 800 bands once the third installment in the series releases later this month. Harmonix also announced that gamers have downloaded from the store a massive 75 million times.

“The success of our song downloads has afforded us the opportunity to approach Rock Band as an interactive music platform and reshape the way gamers think of expansion content,” said Paul DeGooyer, senior vice president of electronic games, music and programming for MTV Networks.

“Our commitment to weekly releases, disc export, forward compatibility of downloads and the launch of the Rock Band Network were milestones in the development of Rock Band’s vibrant digital business.  Now, with the release of our 2,000th song, we are reaffirming our commitment to present new music every week – and with the new features in Rock Band 3, there will be more ways than ever to experience it.”