05 Oct

Although most of the industry doesn’t see a new console generation as a strong prospect, Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka is hopeful about new hardware. Speaking at a promotional event for his new game – Ivy the Kiwi? – in London, Naka-san is quoted as saying he is “hoping to work on the Dreamcast 2.”

Speaking more in depth to CVG, Naka-san elaborated on his statement.

“I do miss those old days when I was heavily involved in hardware making at Sega. I was involved in most of the consoles and controllers that Sega came up with…It would be ideal if I could become some sort of advisor working with the platform makers in future. I think if I can work really well with the platform makers then it’s good for everyone, because I can then come up with totally new games.”

He continued, “If Ivy the Kiwi does well in Europe, then maybe I can make Dreamcast 2…Of course Dreamcast was my baby back at Sega and I want to carry on making good games for the European market and one day I’m hoping it gives me the opportunity to work on Dreamcast 2.”

One thought on “Sonic Creator Wants New Dreamcast”

  1. That would be awesome, but I don’t think that they console market could support four consoles and two or three handhelds. I wish the Dreamcast didn’t die as it had a plethora of awesome games, but sadly its time has come, and the market just won’t support more than three consoles (stores just won’t be able to contain games for all those systems).

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