14 Oct

The legendary RTS model (and inspiration for an addictive Swedish techno song) Defense of the Ancients has been reborn by Valve, and is heading to PC and Mac in 2011. Gameinformer got the early spread of details, and it looks like Valve is keeping the cartoonish artstyle and revolutionary gameplay, along with updated graphics all running on the latest Source engine. The game also features a robust community suite, along with voice-chat compatibility. For the full spread, check out Dota 2‘s coming out feature here.

4 thoughts on “Valve Announces Dota 2”

  1. This has pretty much been known for almost a year.

    As for the name… I hate it!!! DOTA was made by a lot of different people (including the people that made League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth).
    Dota has turned into the name of the genre, and naming the game Dota 2 is like
    someone making Tower Defense 2. And I’m suprised Activision isn’t up in arms over this, since they now own the rights of Warcraft 3, and Dota’s rights most likely belong to Blizzard.

    1. Defense of the Ancients (and I think DotA) does in fact belong to Blizzard. DOTA 2 does not. None of the units in the game will retain the exact look of an orc or night-elf, etc. Likewise with the voice acting. I’m sure Valve will tread as close to the line as possible in regards to likeness.

      For LoL, the original DotA – All Star guy worked on that. The one who really made it big was IceFrog, who went to work for S2 Games (HoN) and then left them to work at Valve on DOTA 2.

      Blizzard SHOULD have made DotA 2 themselves. They have/had the money to get a team to do it. Would have made bank too.

      There’s actually stuff going down right now that states IceFrog was still working for S2 while at Valve. Very shady and unethical IF true.

      I actually think the game is going to be a hit though. I don’t see much, if any deviation from current DotA. Just shinny new graphics, and some hero/item adjustments that weren’t possible due to the restrictions of the WC3 engine.

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