02 Nov

One of the few games on Microsoft’s Kinect with both hardcore and casual appeal, Harmonix is already looking to the future beyond DLC for Dance Central. Speaking to MCV, company CEO Alex Rigopulos, outlined a hopeful expansion for the game into a franchise.

“I think that Dance Central has an opportunity to spark a phenomenon, much like the original¬†Guitar Hero did…I sure as hell hope there will be a sequel. We certainly have a lot of creative ambitions for the future of Dance Central…We’re looking at basic pre-production for Dance Central 2 but are mostly working on DLC right now…We want to make sure people like Dance Central first. If that happens, we can look at what they enjoyed about that experience and decide if we want to offer an addition to it.”


One thought on “Dance Central 2 Already in Works”

  1. So before the industry knows the commercial success the first title will have, as well as Kinct sales, Harmonix is working on the sequel. Personally I think Harmonix should wait three months of dev time to see how Kinect sales fare, as well as Dance Central, and then go and make the sequel.

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