16 Nov

GamerFirst, who today announced it has acquired the rights to the ill-fated action-MMO All Points Bulletin, has annouced that it is taking the game into development to prepare it for a free-to-play relaunch in the second half of 2011.

All Points Bulletin was shut down a mere two months and 17 days after being launched, as its developer was forced into administration. Gamerfirst is rumored to have acquired the title for £1.5 million, which is approximately $2.4 million. Gamerfirst did not indicate which specific features will be redesigned, or which parts of the original game will be left intact.

Following the sale of the All Points Bulletin IP, developer Realtime Worlds has been able to rehire 23 former-employees to keep the studio’s other product, MyWorld, operational while the studio continues to try and sell this franchise as well.

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      1. Considering i literally spent three hours on the character creation in Mass Effect 2 and about two giving mod fueled cosmetic surgery to my Courier in New Vegas’, this is godsend 😀

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