29 Nov

While the Playstation 3 has been argued to house many an inferior multi-platform version of a game, some gamers disparaged gamers have taken their dislike a step further. Discontent with the alleged faults in the PS3 (and PC) version(s) of Call of Duty: Black Ops, these gamers have started up a petition against the game, and are demanded a refund.

“Is it fair to charge PlayStation 3 owners the same price for an inferior product,” asks the petition, “when both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 had the same amount of development time?┬áIs it fair to charge PlayStation 3 owners the same price for an inferior product, when the previous version (Modern Warfare 2) was equal on both systems but the updated version (BO) is not?”

3 thoughts on “‘Inferior’ PS3 Black Ops Sparks Petition”

  1. These guys should realize that a petition won’t work, but a lawsuit would do much more, but still wouldn’t do anything as this is Activison we are talking about. If the developer really cares about its player base, then they would work on making a patch to sooth the consumers, but there is no way Activision is gonna open its bank account to give the PS3 or PC players any sort of refund.

    1. I agree they will never get a refund. But the idea of a lawsuit over the quality assurance of multi-platform PS3 titles is in order. I know its difficult working with the PS3’s sub cores but you think it would have gotten easier by now.

      1. Well I would expect more from bigger companies that already have experience making PS3 and 360 titles, as they have no excuse in making an inferior product. I can see the 360 being the inferior product as the hardware is technically not as strong. However the problem lies within how the cells work for the PS3, and that makes porting much more difficult, and often ends up in glitches and the such.

        Let me put it this way: if companies ended up in court over “inferior” PS3 versions, then the case would most likely be dismissed based on the fact of the different infrastructures so it is harder to make the games exactly the same. Now, I find this to be lazy on the devs part as they didn’t want to put in the extra effort to make both games equal in visual quality, which sometimes causes the game to glitch and have screen tears.

        Short version: nothing is going to happen and devs need to be less lazy.

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