09 Nov

During the European Kinect launch event in London, Kinect creative director Kudo Tsunoda told attending press that the technology used in the motion sensor has been in the works for over ten years. Tsunoda continued to explain that Kinect was intended to replicate a classic arcade experience, where visitors did not have to worry about complex control scheme and were able to play games by emulating the actions of the previous player:

“Back when games were in the arcades, you saw a lot of different people playing, because you didn’t have to learn a controller or go through an one-hour tutorial just to get in and play […]. If you wanted to ride a motorcycle, you just got on the motorcycle and did what you did in real life. That’s the way to play the game. A good, fun part of the way Kinect is designed is to let people take the stuff they know from the real world and use that in the way they play the game.”

Kinect was launched in North America last week, where the sensor is currently sold out at most retailers. Reports indicate that the motion-sensor is currently being resold on Ebay.com at over 30% premium. The European launch is set for tomorrow.

One thought on “Microsoft Kinect in Development for over a Decade”

  1. Except Kudo, most arcade games use buttons or are peripheral sensitive (see Drum Mania or Guitar Mania, and any racing game ever). See most arcade games use a joystick and buttons, not motion. See Kinect really to me right now is just a more powerful Eye Toy with a bit more tech to better track movements (Sony in a recent video has said that Eye Toy was fun, but people rather preferred games that let you have something in hand). Also a problem is that you cannot translate some gesture based motions into real life actions as there is a range of error.

    I see where he comes from on the learning how to play part, but Kinect doesn’t in anyway replicate that Classic Arcade feel with tons of people crammed in a good sized room filled with dozens of machines with lights and sounds from all of those different machines, and people holding informal tournaments around certain machines. Also you can try to copy another person’s actions, but if you don’t know the reason why they did that move, then you won’t know why to do it. Also Kinect is limited in the games that can be played on it to great accuracy; There is no way I will ever play a bullet-hell shooter on that, as you need precise control over your ship.

    Sorry if it seems ranty, but I was at an arcade today, and Kinect just doesn’t give off that vibe at all; Eye Toy yes, Arcade No.

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