02 Dec

The addictive and abusive Super Meat Boy is the newest target for PETA’s flash game-centric rage. Like Cooking Mama before, the folks at PETA have responded to what they see as an endorsement of an unhealthy and immoral lifestyle with their version of the game that sparked their ire. In Super Tofu Boy, players are still an ambitious globule taking on ridiculous levels to save Bandage Girl, but this time they are a cube of Tofu, going up against Meat Boy himself in a sort of Donkey Kong 2 protagonist reversal. Interested gamers can experience the PETA-approved wonder here.

4 thoughts on “PETA Counters Team Meat with Super Tofu Boy”

  1. I guess they didn’t get the memo that Meat Boy isn’t made of animal flesh. It’s just a kid without skin. Dudes at Team Meat are definitely happy this happened. Super Meat Boy just got a ridiculous amount of exposure, and now they’ve added a “Tofu Boy” into the game just for kicks.

  2. Do you know what is even more awesome… the guys behind Super Meat Boy love Tofu Boy and are going to patch him into the PC version!

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