09 Dec

The original Wolfenstein had a bit of a revenge streak to it, considering that players killed hundreds of Nazi grunts as a man named BJ Blazkowicz. But a new independent mod of the 1992 3D engine will have players faced with a much more direct struggle. Sonderkommando Revolt, set for release in early 2011, throws players into the 1944 Auschwitz concentration camp facility as Zalmen Gradowski, a titular Sonderkommando, part of a “special unit” of Jewish camp workers that aided in the killings. Surprisingly, the game boosts real-life inspiration, based on the October 1944 uprising that cost the lives of 451 Sonderkommandos and 3 higher-ranked Schutzstaffel soldiers.

“Graphically it’ll feature many themes,” write its creators, “including Crematoriums, Block 11, Gas Chambers, execution, interrogation and torture areas…most of which are ripped/based off real pic from the real site.”