05 Jan

The folks at The Behemoth got a big present this Christmas Day, as it was revealed that the co-op hack-and-slasher just passed 2 million users on Xbox Live Arcade, its initial launch platform. The Leaderboard data for the game hit 2, 003, 547 unique players on the 25th, making the highest rated game on Arcade also one of the most played, outside of boxed shooter releases.

“It is incredibly humbling to look at the leaderboards and see that crazy number,” says the studio’s Kelly Revak. “Initially releasing the game we hoped a few hundred thousand people would play it. We never dared to think of one million players, let alone 2 million.”

“We are so grateful to all the players for supporting us,” Revak adds. “We’re going to do something pretty exciting to thank everyone. Let’s just say there’s an Xbox made of gold involved. GOLD.”