Crytek Considering Timesplitters 4 Possibility

28 Jan, 2011

In an interview with, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli stated that the developers have been discussing the idea of creating a fourth installment in the iconic Timesplitters series. The original of the series, Free Radical, was apparently working on creating this title before it was forced into administration in late 2008. The studio was then acquired by Crytek, who renamed it to Crytek UK. The studio has since been working on developing multiplayer aspects of the upcoming Crysis 2.

Yerli further added that the Crytek UK has succeeded in performing excellently since it was acquired by Crytek, and that it expects the studio will soon be able to developer games that will be rated at higher than 90%, but that discussing regarding new projects would have to wait until Crysis 2 is completed.

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