31 Jan

Similar to how we used Livestream for our Child’s Play marathon,  we are now using Justin.tv VERY regularly for public game time! So be sure to check our j.tv channel and join in!

How do you find it?! Easy! We have a link in the top right hand corner of the site (it’s the little black button by the YouTube button). If you’re too lazy to scroll all the way up there, you can also click here.

What’s even cooler than that is we have some new staff members who will be doing more than their fair share of gaming on the j.tv channel. I’m very proud to introduce Marcos (Shen), Michael (Bystander), and Nathan (Shaggy) who will be our regular video casters and will also be helping out with the site in other ways as well.

If you would like to know the EXACT moment when we start playing anything on j.tv, be sure to follow us on Twitter, because every time we start up a stream, Twitter is automatically notified.

4 thoughts on “Join Us on Justin.tv!!”

  1. Shen here. Just wanted to say hi to everyone who might be reading this. Look forward to hanging out with all of you in game, or on the cast.

      1. Haha there’s a funny story along with that game I’ll have to tell you at PAX. It’s ridiculous.

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