26 Jan

Like this, but with more than one color

The game born of the extension of the Sega/Platinum Games partnership, Max Anarchy (to be known Anarchy Reigns in the West) is going to be a different kind of fighting game. Described by producer Atsushi Inaba as a “MMMFA” or “Massively Multiplayer Melee Fighting Action” game, Max Anarchy will feature both a solid single and multiplayer component, although the details of the title’s mysterious moniker have yet to be delved into by Platinum.

MadWorld‘s Jack will re-appear as one of the game’s fighter (in full color), but the inclusion “has nothing to do with the game’s story and world setting.” Jack’s violent style appears to have made the transfer intact, however, and the game is set to launch this Fall for Xbox 360 and PS3.